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Integrated Disability Education and Awareness Program
Doug Gates - Physical Education Instructor, Founder IDEA Program, Founder MrGym.com

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How the program works

The program will begin by having 5th grade students and parents/guardians completing the I.D.E.A. application form. This program is voluntary only; therefore only students who complete the application process will be eligible to participate. On the application students and parent/ guardians have a choice between a school day program and the all day program.

School Day-The students will meet Mr. Gates at the beginning of the school day. This meeting will take place to discuss the importance and seriousness of the I.D.E.A. Program and to have the student fitted for the wheelchair.  From this point on, the student will spend the entire school day in his/her wheelchair.  This will include all normal daily activities, including restroom breaks, lunch, and class changes.  At the end of the school day,  the student will meet with Mr. Gates to return the wheelchair and receive a questionnaire to summarize the studentís learning experience.      

All Day- The students will complete the school day requirements, but at the end of the day, they will continue the program at home.  To meet the requirements of the all day program, parents/guardians agree to:

1.      Pick-up the student and wheelchair after school at the parent pick-up area.

2.      Take their child to a public establishment that evening. (eg. Restaurant, mall, shopping center, grocery, bowling, etc.)

Students completing the All Day program will be required to return the wheelchair first thing in the morning.  As with the School Day program, students will be given the I. D. E. A. questionnaire to complete by the following day.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to help students with the completion of the questionnaire.

To volunteer for the I. D. E. A. Program, students must complete the attached form and return to Mr. Gates.  Students and parents who wish to participate in the All Day must complete the application including parent or guardian signature

Please remember, to insure the highest and utmost respect for those with disabilities, the program will be approached in a very serious manner.


Doug Gates
Physical Education
Duncan Falls Elementary