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Integrated Disability Education and Awareness Program
Doug Gates - Physical Education Instructor, Founder IDEA Program, Founder MrGym.com

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I.D.E.A. Program Guidelines

  1. Students shall meet with Mr. Gates to discuss the importance of the program, responsibilities, and guidelines
  1. Students will continue through their school day, as they would any other day. All classes, recesses, specials, etc must be attended.
  1. Students must maintain the disability at all times, including lunch, restroom breaks, etc.
  1. Students are to help only when absolutely necessary. Therefore, students must carry their own books and propel their own wheelchair, whenever and wherever possible.
  1. Students will maintain a serious approach to this program.  This is not only absolutely vital to the success and integrity of the program, but is absolutely necessary for the respect deserving of those with disabilities. 
  1. Students involved with the All Day program, must be picked up at school by a parent or guardian.  The same program guidelines shall be followed at home.
  1. Students and parents of the All Day program are strongly encouraged to make a visit to a public establishment, such as a mall, movie theater, grocery store, restaurant, etc. During this visit students should observe any problems or concerns. Participants should also pay special attention to how they are treated by others, such as eye contact, interaction etc.
  1. Upon completion of the program, participants will be required to fill out a questionnaire concerning their experiences and observation throughout the program. Participants of the 24-hour program are encouraged to complete this questionnaire with their parents and/or guardians. (See attached questionnaire)
  1. While quitting in the middle of a program should strongly be discouraged, there may be unforeseen problems that lead to a studentís early termination of the program. To end his/her participation early, the student must provide a written request describing exactly why he/she cannot complete the program. Furthermore, the student may still be required to complete the post program questionnaire.

     If you see any I.D.E.A. student who is not compliant with the above guidelines, please feel free to say something to them and/or report them to me as soon as possible.  I have a zero tolerance policy for students who are not approaching the program with the seriousness and respect that it deserves. 

Doug Gates